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Shanghai Guofeng Charity Foundation

Suzhou Rotary Special Fund



 一、基金成立:Establishment of the Fund:



Shanghai Guofeng Charity Foundation Suzhou Rotary Special Fund (hereinafter referred to as“the Fund”) was established on August 23, 2019.


二、宗旨及目的:Object and purpose:



The mission of the Fund: Social Service & Fellowship – fostering Charity and developing Fellowship among members.


The purpose of the Fund: to raise funds under the leadership of the Charity Foundation. Manage the money raised with the aim of saving lives and serving the needy, at the same time, to establish good social relations for China charity



本基金设社长1名:现由Riccardo Campanile担任。

The fund has 1 President: Riccardo Campanile

秘书长1名:现由Samuel Bourgeois担任。

1 Secretary General: Samuel Bourgeois

理事会5人:包括会长Riccardo Campanile、秘书长Samuel Bourgeois、理事一名字Alessandra Vismara、理事二名字Harry Wong及理事三名字Veronica Campidelli5人。

5 board members: Riccardo Campanile, Samuel Bourgeois, Alessandra Vismara, Harry Wong, Veronica Campidelli.


四、功能小组:Functional groups:


The Fund has 3 functional groups: membership group, community service group, and organization group of fellowship meeting.


The chairpersons, chairmen and directors of each functional group will be elected in March each year, term of office for one year, which is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. The Standing Committee may add or remove individual permanent or temporary functional groups when necessary


五、会员资格及参与方式:Membership and participation methods:



Members of the Fund must be successful people who live in Suzhou, are enthusiastic about public welfare and have certain social relations.

The expansion of the membership of the Fund is by invitation: the entry of new members must be approved by a majority of the Board.


六、日常议事会议:Regular meetings:



  1. The Foundation holds about one council meeting per month:

The Board of Director shall have the right to temporarily adjust the date of the Board meeting or call a special meeting depending on the specific operation of the Fund


  1. The President shall notify all members of the Board of Directors of the agenda and topics of the Board’s meeting 7 days in advance


  1. The minutes of the Board meeting will be sent to all members after the meeting.


七、社员义务:Member obligations:


  1. The membership fee of the Foundation is RMB2,000 per person per year, which shall be paid annually


  1. The attendance rate of members shall not be less than 30% per year.


  1. Members should actively participate in the projects of the Foundation.


  1. If a member is invited to act as president or chairman of a group, he or she should make every effort to do his or her job well.


  1. Members shall pay attention to conversation, manners and manners in public, avoid adverse rumors and maintain the image of the Foundation.




  1. The Chief Financial Officer of the Fund is Harry Wong. Who is responsible for organization and recording the use of membership fees and charity funds, and is responsible for auditing with charitable foundations.


  1. To withdraw funds from the charitable foundation, the fundraising must be signed and agreed by the president of the fund, and then signed by the Secretary-General or the Chief Financial Officer.


  1. The use of the raised charitable funds shall be published on the fund website every quarter


  1. The use of membership fees will be sent to members quarterly.




  1. If a member violates the regulations of the Fund, he/she shall be removed from the membership only after being proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by half of the participants at the regular meeting


  1. The board meeting can be held only if more than half of the board members attend the meeting. The resolution at the meeting shall be subject to the minutes of the meeting. Participants in the meeting shall check the contents within 7 days after receiving the minutes of the meeting.


  1. The above-mentioned year refers to the period from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.



Supplement: Before the end of May each year, the list of new president/secretary and director of the Fund will be submitted to the GFCF in the form of “Supplemental Agreement”, and the new list will be officially valid on July 1 of the same year for a period of 1 Year (until June 30 of the following year), and so on



Shanghai Guofeng Charity Foundation

Suzhou Rotary Special Fund



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上海国峯慈善基金法人代表                                苏州扶轮基金授权

Shanghai Guofeng Charity Foundation              Suzhou Rotary Special Fund Authorized President




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