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音悦礼物 – 中国听力义诊项目

Gift of Sound – China Audiology Mission

音悦礼物始于2008年,早期以资助康复机构、特殊教育学校和贫困聋儿为主。2010年以来,上海国峯慈善基金会与美国昇望听力义诊团合作,在世界知名听力学教授Dr. Christine Yoshinaga-Itnao的带领下,免费为听障儿童验配助听器,调试助听器和人工耳蜗,并为当地听力康复机构、聋儿家长提供免费指导和培训。该项目致力于提高当地康复机构的听力服务水平,优化听力辅助设备的工作效果,帮助培训当地听力师、语训师和聋儿家长,带去更为先进的技术和观念。

Gift of Sound, a project of Shanghai GuoFeng Charity Foundation, has been offering financial support to rehab centers and special education schools for deaf or hard of hearing children since 2008. In 2010, Gift of Sound joined forces with the US-based organization Soaring Hope Inc, and has brought voluntary teams, all of them under the leadership of the world renowned audiologist Dr. Christine Yoshinaga-Itnao, to China to provide children affected by hearing issues and loss with free hearing tests, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. These teams have additionally trained local professionals and offered qualified guidance to parents. The project aims to improve the quality of treatment and services offered at local rehab centers through introducing the latest equipment, training local professionals and optimizing the adjustment of hearing aids.