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Requested by the Confucius International School Chengdu(CISCD),we Shanghai GuoFeng Charity Foundation Chengdu Office(GFCFCD)launched this YILVYANGGUANG·Christmas Day Trip in Liangshan(YLYG·CDCTL)to hold one-week charity trip of students from CISCD for public service to students in Zhaojue National Middle School and Dimo primary school in Meigu county. During the CDCTL, 21 students plus 5 teachers and 2 members of GFCFCD worked together bringing local about 250 students a happy Christmas Day and interesting lessons including painting lessons, art lessons and English lessons from December 17th to December 24th, 2017. Besides, CISCD also prepared winter clothes, shoes for each student and some books, sports equipment in Zhaojue National School 55 students as their new year gift. Through this trip, kids in Liangshan and CISCD spent a very happy time together and establish a deep relationship, also have reached an agreement of long-term cooperation in the future.


With the success of this project, it means that our YILVYANGGUANG Plan Exchange Program has accomplished its first closed loop with the former Winter Camp for Yi students from Liangshan during the Yi New Year from November 20th to November 25th. In this plan, kids in minorities can go outside to open their horizon and also open opportunities for kids in cities go back to countryside. In the future, we hope to launch more activities to help those kids accompany with each other and grow with each other.


We are looking forward to the students through participation in volunteer service, give play to students’ strengths and advantages to help others, the students ready to help others, the spirit of dedication to peers and society, will spread love, arouses more and more people join the volunteer service activities.


Rio Yuan