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October 13th-14th, ShanghaiGuoFeng Charity Foundationwas invited to participated in the SocialForces (Sichuan) Participating in Disaster Prevention and Exhibition. Both government and social service organizations have been working together to hold this exhibition. Totally, 23 social service and non-profit organizations, 17enterprises joined this exhibition.


In the morning of October 13th, Ruby on behalf of GFCF attended the opening ceremony of “The First Disaster Reduction of Prospering Sichuan’s Culture Month” held by Sichuan Disaster Prevention and Reduction Museum and Sichuan Social Forces Participating in Disaster Prevention,Reduction and Relief Coordination Center.


During the opening ceremony, there was a ceremonyto unveil the nameplate of Sichuan Social Forces Participating in Disaster Prevention, Reduction and Relief Coordination Center which is also the first province-level coordination center to coordinate social forces participating disaster prevention and reduction.


Exhibition is one of the series activities of Culture Month, all participants showed their actively efforts and achievements,their technical equipment about Disaster Prevention, Reduction and Relief andtheir ordinary projects around the outdoor of the museum.


We presented the posters of disaster relief projectswhich we have done since our foundation established. At the same time weexhibited HQF’s annual report (2013-2015) and showed some postcards from our GoWest teams’ projects and ourselves projects. The visitors not only took interestedin our disaster relief projects, but also interested in our Education, Medicaland other projects. Thus, we also told the visitors of our other projects andstories.